Within the platform user page, there is a pie chart that indicates the number of active signals. 

Each analyst can not have more than 10 active signals at one time. With each new signal, a new sector of the graph will turn green while the displayed number will increase. When the tenth signal is published, it will no longer be possible to publish new signals.

How to make the most of this feature

The analyst can consider the 10 signals as a composition of his portfolio. 10 published signals will represent 100% of the invested portfolio.

The analyst can then independently decide the weight to assign to each trading ideas, assigning to each of them the number of slots he deems appropriate. Here there is an example:

 'Two signals published on the same stock (trading idea) represent a hypothetical allocation of 20% of your portfolio.'

Keeping empty slots (unused) is comparable to having part of the portfolio not invested, so it does not participate to the performance. It can be used for the management of volatility.

This particularity needs to be kept in mind as it affects the calculation of your score. 

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