Since Rataran is not a broker, Rataran's platform has not been designed for trading. Our goal is not to find traders who produce brokerage commissions, but talents to build a lasting partnerships beneficialfor all (institutional investor, analysts, and Rataran).

Therefore, you will not find the typical features of trading platforms, such as: the use of the trailing stop, the lack of the 10-level book, the quotes in push mode, and all the different ways of entering and managing the trade.

Beyond that, the platform was designed to discourage scalpers. The methods for updating signals, the ways in which limit signals are created and the management of take profits and stop losses, make the Rataran platform unsuitable for this type of traders. 

The reason for this choice is due to one of our pivotal principles: the sharing of ideas and their easy use by the community. In our opinion, the skills and know-how of an excellent scalper are at their only use, as no one else other than him can benefit from it. And indeed, for an institutional investor, creating a financial product or offering an advisory service based on the activity of a scalper is practically impossible. 

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